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 To ALL Doctor Who FB Fan Pages

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To ALL Doctor Who FB Fan Pages Empty
PostSubject: To ALL Doctor Who FB Fan Pages   To ALL Doctor Who FB Fan Pages EmptyFri Jul 12, 2013 9:56 pm

Hi Guys,
As many of you know, I built, and am still in the process of fine tuning my new Who website.
Many of you who have pages here on Facebook, do not have websites, nor have intention of
having one for whatever reason is yours.

This is my invite to all FB Doctor Who fan pages who want to promote their pages to the fullest extent,
and would like to join forces with me to do so! My site is set up to be a complete network, and I am a Time Lord that does NOT believe in competition ONLY Networking!

I can help you by giving you a home that does NOT limit you like Facebook does, and you can help me by simple activity, and perhaps modding if any of you would like to.

In any case, if networking, uniting, and making this thing an even bigger thing, please join the site,
and make yourself at home. Don't worry about where to post, and all that, just do it, and things can always be moved.
I will not exterminate anyone for participating.

If you would like to admin or moderate, just PM me there. Hope to see many of you join forces with me!


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To ALL Doctor Who FB Fan Pages River510
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To ALL Doctor Who FB Fan Pages 2ew1h0w
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To ALL Doctor Who FB Fan Pages
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