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 11 Doctors to Remember......

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First incarnation: William Hartnell
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From the beginning, the First Doctor was a mysterious figure. He appeared to be a frail old man, despite the eventual revelation that he was actually the youngest of the Doctor’s incarnations, and yet was possessed of unexpected reserves of strength and will. He obviously held tremendous knowledge of scientific matters, and yet was unable to pilot his TARDIS time ship reliably; his granddaughter Susan explained this by saying that her grandfather was “a bit forgetful”. He was abrasive, patronising, and cantankerous towards his human travelling companions, yet shared a deep emotional bond with his granddaughter Susan. He also harboured a streak of ruthlessness, being willing to lie – and in one case attempt to kill – to achieve his goals.
Second incarnation: Patrick Troughton
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He has been nicknamed the “Cosmic Hobo”,as the impish Second Doctor appeared to be far more scruffy and child-like than his first incarnation.
Mercurial, clever, and always a few steps ahead of his enemies, at times he could be a calculating schemer who would not only manipulate people for the greater good but act like a bumbling fool in order to have others underestimate his true abilities.
Third incarnation: Jon Pertwee
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The Third Doctor was a suave, dapper, technologically-oriented, and authoritative man of action, who not only practiced Venusian Aikido (or Karate), but enjoyed working on gadgets and riding all manner of vehicles.  His courageousness could easily turn to waspish indignation; it is thus no surprise that a common catchphrase of his was, “Nowlisten to me!” Despite his now-and-then arrogance, the Third Doctor genuinely cared for his companions in a paternal fashion, and even held a thinly-veiled but grudging admiration for his nemesis, the Master. This incarnation of the Doctor was more physically daring than the previous two, and was the first to confront an enemy physically if cornered (both of his previous incarnations would nearly always attempt to dodge, flee or negotiate rather than attack). This often took the form of quick strikes, with the occasional joint lock or throw—usually enough to get himself and anyone accompanying him out of immediate danger, but usually not to the extent of a brawl, in keeping with the Doctor’s non-violent nature. He would only use his fighting skills if he had no alternative, and even then generally disarmed.
Fourth incarnation: Tom Baker
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To an extent, the Fourth Doctor is the most unpredictable in terms of his emotional depth, slightly more distant and Alien than his other incarnations - before or after.
Despite his obvious moments of whimsical charm, offbeat humor, permeated by his manic grin, the Fourth Doctor is more aloof and somber than his previous incarnations. He could become intensely brooding, serious and even callous. He also displays a darker edge to his personality.
Fifth incarnation: Peter Davison
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The Fifth Doctor was far more vulnerable, sensitive, and reserved than his previous incarnations and often reacted to situations rather than initiating them. Frequently, he made decisions by flipping a coin. Unlike his more authoritative predecessors, he treated his young companions as parts of a team, and often willingly participated in situations under the leadership of someone else who had the strong command presence that he apparently lacked. However, the Fifth Doctor’s boyish appearance, nervous energy, and charm all hid the fact that he was a Time Lord of great age, compassion, and experience. This Doctor greatly abhorred violence and often hesitated about taking matters into his own hands.
Sixth incarnation: Colin Baker
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The Sixth Doctor was an unpredictable and somewhat petulant egoist, whose garish, multicoloured attire reflected his volatile personality. He was both portentous and eloquent, even for the Doctor - of whom he saw himself as the finest incarnation yet – and his unpredictability was made even wilder by his mood swings, manic behaviour, bombastic outbursts and glib, unflappable wit. His personality also displayed occasionally fatalistic overtones. The Sixth Doctor was almost supremely confident in his abilities and did not suffer fools gladly.
Seventh incarnation: Sylvester McCoy
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The Seventh Doctor displayed perhaps the most profound change in attitude of any of the Time Lord’s personae, beginning as perhaps the most outwardly amiable and bumbling (to the extent of putting himself in danger but not at the cost of his overall great intelligence and benevolent intentions) and progressing into a driven, dark gamemaster whose plans to defeat his adversaries, both old and new, would play out across space and time. He generally displayed an affable, curious, knowledgeable, easygoing, excitable and charming air. However, as he began to choose his battles and keep a tighter grip on his secrets - from his plans to his very identity - he also presented more serious, contemplative, secretive, wistful and manipulative sides with undercurrents of mischief and authority, constantly giving the impression that there was more to him than met the eye.
Eighth incarnation: Paul McGann
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The Eighth Doctor encouraged those around him to seize life instead of withdrawing from it. He also seemed to enjoy giving people hints of their own futures, probably to prod them into making the right decisions. It is unclear if the eighth Doctor’s knowledge of people’s futures comes from historical expertise, psychic power or precognitive ability. As with the Fifth Doctor, the debonair Eighth Doctor’s youthful, wide-eyed enthusiasm actually hid a very old soul with perhaps a darker side. the Eighth Doctor has often been the object of romantic interest, but has shown little to no romantic inclinations of his own.
Ninth incarnation: Christopher Eccleston
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The Ninth Doctor is less of a central heroic figure than an enabler, encouraging his companions and other people he meets to act upon their more positive impulses. Those he meets (in particular Captain Jack Harkness) often credit him with making them better people. The Doctor’s ninth incarnation was perhaps the most gritty, and informal, masking a lonely, guilt-ridden and melancholic personality with a jovial, witty, forthright and almost manic exterior. Similar to the Fourth Doctor, he would often make jokes in the face of danger, but then become grim and serious when on his own. Like the Sixth Doctor, he also tended to be fatalistic at times, to the point of near-panic.  Much of the Ninth Doctor’s melancholy, lack of patience, levels of inaction and hard-bitten edge could be attributed to feelings of guilt at being the sole survivor of the Last Great Time War between the Time Lords and the Daleks.
tenth and current incarnation: David Tennant
11 Doctors to Remember...... Tumblr_ly7po2y80q1r47x8g
The Tenth Doctor generally displays a light-hearted, talkative, easy-going, witty and cheeky manner, but repeatedly demonstrates a vengeful and unforgiving streak as well. he acknowledges that he is less merciful than he used to be and has stuck to his “one warning” code, punishing his enemies if they persist in their hostilities. The Tenth Doctor has a tendency to babble, mixing apparent nonsense with vital information, sometimes acting erratically to put his enemies off-guard. He is prone to making comments that to outsiders seem obtuse or rude, sometimes to his own embarrassment. Another recurring theme in the Tenth Doctor’s personality is his intense loneliness.
Eleventh incarnation: Matt Smith
11 Doctors to Remember...... Tumblr_ly7prhZCM11r47x8g
the Doctor has an energetic, eccentric and lively soul who possessed a sense of arrogance and a short temper. The Doctor is affectionate towards his loved ones but was hesitant to trust River Song during the early stages of their relationship. While the Doctor is usually cheerful and full of manic energy traits he shares with his previous incarnation, he also has a darker side and is capable of becoming furious if his loved ones are threatened. The Doctor is also less forgiving and more aggressive than his previous incarnation showing considerable hatred towards his arch enemies, the Daleks, and does not share the tenth Doctor’s belief that Daleks can change. The Doctor is also notable for his self loathing, claiming that he is “a stupid selfish man” and even saying that he hates himself more than anyone else in the Universe


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11 Doctors to Remember......
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